Girls UCONN Basketball Game

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Good Morning!

Yesterday, I posted a picture and an entry on our Facebook page!  It reached over 1,800 people!!!  That’s exciting for me, because it shows me that people are taking the time to read our Facebook page, and they care what we have to say!  I’m not writing this blog because I’m trying to sell our Wedding Packages or our Party Packages.  I’m writing this blog because I feel it’s important for people to know that Dance To The Music Entertainment is more than just another disc-jockey company.  We are a family.  Our disc-jockeys come to our house for parties and special occasions.  Our kids play sports together.  We don’t “employ” our disc-jockeys – we see them often, and every one of our entertainers loves what he/she is doing!  The responses on our Facebook page were overwhelming yesterday, and the majority of them know Spencer and know how great he is at what he does!!!

Last night, we took the kids to see the UCONN Girls Basketball team play against SMU!  What a game; what an awesome night spending time with our family!!!  Wedding season is right around the corner, so things will get hectic for us, but we take advantage of nights off, and last night was absolutely perfect!

Have a great day!  Talk tomorrow…