Wedding 101

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Good Morning!!!

Welcome to Wedding 101.  This is a summary of what our Brides and Grooms should be concerned about when planning a wedding.  Stress???  No, that’s not on our list.  We want to take the stress out of planning.  Stress is hard on the mind, body and soul, and can cause unnecessary turmoil between a couple.  Stress???  No, not here!

  1.  Pick your date.  Do you like Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall?  The time of your wedding should reflect you as a couple!
  2.  Pick your venue.  Do you love the ocean?  You might opt for a venue on the water.  Do you love a country feel?  You might opt for a venue in the mountainside, overlooking a field.
  3. Pick your entertainment.  Now, we are bias – we feel that a disc-jockey brings the best music, lighting and atmosphere; however, some couples do opt for bands.  We have bands that we work with all of the time!  Our bands bring our lighting and they supply wonderful atmosphere (and they actually “sound” like the songs that they’re singing).
  4. Pick your Photographer/Videographer.  Extremely important to get along with your photographer and videographer – you will be spending the entire morning, noon and night with them!!!  We can highly recommend a photography company and videography company for you!!!
  5. Add-Ons to Make You Smile.  We have add-ons, plenty of them!!!  We have Uplighting, Photo Booths, Photo Montages, Monogram Flooring, Dancing On A Cloud…just to name a few!  What do Add-Ons do?  They bring out your personality and add something special to your wedding reception!
  6. Pick your color scheme.  Yes, every Bride has this vision of her favorite color being worn by every bridesmaid.  However, you have to keep in mind that some colors look really great on some girls (and not so great on others).  You should be mindful of the styles as well (same rule applies).
  7. Pick your Florist.  He/She will complete the color scheme, enhance the ceremony location and put it all together in your table centerpieces!!!
  8. This is the best part…Questions???  Always feel free to ask questions?  Don’t agree with your venue, don’t like where your photographer has suggested to take your engagement photos, want to add a last-minute add-on?  This is YOUR day, nobody else’s…you do everything that you feel will keep stress levels at a minimum and make your day everything that YOU and your fiancé envision!!!

I hope this helps you!!!  It’s a brief outline, and one that does not have to be followed in this sequence, but it’s a helpful, useful checklist.  There are other things that you can add, or change, or even omit.  Because, after all, it is YOUR day – we would love to be a part of helping you make sure it is everything that YOU dream it will be!!!