The Week Is Starting Off…

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Good Morning!!!

Being in the disc jockey and entertainment business, things can change from week to week.  This week, our calendar seemed quiet (you know, the quiet before the storm).  Then, we get a call from a corporation that they need equipment rented and brought to them to be set-up by Wednesday.  So, into Brooklyn we go – to rent the specified equipment and set-up happens tomorrow!

We know that things come up!  Sometimes, we book weddings at least 2 years out from the date, but because of circumstances, the date needs to be moved up, or pushed back.  Dance To The Music, Jimmy and all of the others disc jockeys are flexible when it comes to giving the clients what they want to make their event perfect!

Have you experienced a date change or any type of change with us?  How did we do to accommodate you?  Please give us feedback if possible, because we’re always looking to improve the core of our business, which is making our clients happy!

This quote pretty much sums it up!  “Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.”

Have an Amazing Day…until tomorrow (or the next day)…