The Madness Continues…

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Good Morning!

When I say “The Madness Continues”, I say that with a full smile on my face!!!  Madness, to me, is a good thing – it means you have a full life, full plate, you are useful, helpful, and you have people who need you, depend on you.  After all, if your life didn’t have a little “madness” in it, what fun would that be?!

March Madness in our home is our two kids’ birthdays!!!  Other homes may consider “madness” planning an event, maybe even a wedding?!  Planning is the first step to making anything successful.  You “plan” to have a baby, you “plan” to go out and scour a new job, you “plan” almost everything that you do!  Planning is key!  Dance To The Music Ent. wants to help you plan without the stress!  We try to take the stress out of the equation as much as possible…we do this in a few ways…

  1.  When we first meet, we give YOU the mic.  We want to hear all about YOUR vision, YOUR thoughts, YOUR ideas.  We are open to any plan, suggestion, ideas, and we know that most of you already picture your day as it should go.  Now, with that being said, sometimes, your picture has to have a little flexibility (i.e. – if you’re planning an outside ceremony, and the weather doesn’t cooperate).  But, overall, we feel it is all about YOU, so who better to talk about vision than YOU!
  2. Along the way, we touch base with you.  This always makes our clients feel better, especially when we call them during a moment of complete meltdown, and we say, “Hey, relax…we are here to help.”  Those words seem to soothe our clients.  Take a deep breath, count to ten, and let’s talk about what makes you anxious, excited, nervous and happy about your upcoming event.
  3. Our final meeting.  No matter how much time is between your signing the contract and your event date, we touch base throughout.  But, a month before your event, we will have a “final” meeting, and will finalize all details, big or small, and make your vision, your original plan, set in stone.  This always brings down the anxiety levels just a bit.
  4. Plan carried out…Life is Good!

We pride ourselves on being there for our clients, their families, ease tensions, ease anxieties, and make sure that YOUR day is YOUR day…after all, if your life had too much “madness”, what fun would that be!!!

Have an Amazing Day ?