Sunday Mornings…

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Good Sunday Morning!

I write this blog from the same seat in my dining room every morning!  I have a large window that looks out onto a beautiful field across the street.  I can see how the sun beams off of the windows on the house that’s next to the field.  I can tell that today is going to be a beautiful day, even if the temperatures tell otherwise!

Sunday is the most relaxing day of the week, for most of us.  If you’re a disc jockey, then it’s most likely one of the busiest!  Sundays are a beautiful day to get married…or attend a Bridal Show to meet different vendors that can contribute one way or another to your special day.  Sunday is also a great day to plan family events, such as birthday parties for an elderly family member (don’t want to keep them out too late!), or a family reunion or gathering.

We can help make every event, every wedding unique, special and exactly what YOU are visioning.  You see, some of our clients come to us and tell us that other vendors don’t allow them to express THEIR feelings or opinons.  But, we are not other vendors…we are true to our word – your event is YOUR event – we just want to make it one that you will always remember!!!

Enjoy your coffee, check out the beautiful sunrise, and Have an Amazing Day!!!

Until tomorrow…