Something Amazing…

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I want to share something really amazing with you this morning!!!  I know from letters and emails, that Dance To The Music has made a difference in some lives!  Dance To The Music has been a part of amazing fundraisers that raised money for things like Juvenile Diabetes, Special Olympics…we have helped children with disabilities lead in a line dance, and Dance To The Music prides itself on working hard to give our clients everything they requested to make their dreams come true!!!  We have even played in an airplane hanger, with airplanes hanging above us!!!  Jimmy and Spencer worked hard to give a bride and her Mom the best wedding ever because the Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the wedding date was moved up considerably!

Some people will go above and beyond to make others happy and to give others hope that in this world, there are still those who truly care and believe!!!

This is a story of an All-Star, MVP NBA Player, Steph Curry, #30, on The Warriors.  If you watch TV or read the newspaper, then you know who Steph Curry is!!!  Sofia, a 15 year old girl (actually 16 years old yesterday) was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma two months ago.  Prior to her diagnosis, her Mom bought tickets for her and my niece, Madison, to attend The Warriors game at Madison Square Garden.  Doctors promised Sofia that in spite of this diagnosis, they would make sure she could attend that game, which meant more to her than anything!!!  After the game, Sofia and Madison were asked to attend an after party – never knowing that Steph Curry would be there to meet them and spend some time with them.  Steph Curry gave Sofia his signed pair of sneakers that he wore at the game that night, and he told her that he knows she was given some pretty bad news, but that she must keep fighting and stay strong.  Steph Curry – gave hope, gave his time, gave Sofia words that she can carry throughout her battle that will give her strength on those days that she feels she can’t push herself any further.  Steph Curry – All-Star, MVP NBA Player – did not shy away from a fan because he makes too much money or is too famous.  NOT him!!!  He gave hope – he gave strength – and he gave Sofia more than he will ever realize.  And, for that, if I wasn’t already a Steph Curry fan, I would have become one after reading this!!!  I just like to remind my readers that there is good in this world – in spite of everything that we read that is negative, and everything that we hear that is negative, there is still a whole lot of goodness in this world!!!

Dance To The Music Entertainment seems to be on the right track with working hard to give every client what they want!!!  We don’t play for the NBA, but we can relate to Steph Curry – helping dreams come true – that’s what we do!!!

Have an Amazing Day!!!