March Madness

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Good Morning!!!

Today is a very special day at Dance To The Music Entertainment!!!  It marks our second birthday in the house…our daughter Taylor’s 24th Birthday!!!  Yes, I said it correctly…24 years old!!!  I pinch myself every time I say that, because I’m not sure where 24 years has gone!!!  Taylor was given a hard few years, being diagnosed with leukemia two years ago, and having to battle back from that.  Unfortunately, she is under the weather this birthday, and we aren’t sure we will be able to keep our original plans of going out for dinner.  But, no matter what we are doing, we will be together as a family, celebrating life!!!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?  Do you go all out with parties, DJ, decorations?  Do you prefer the intimate, stay-at-home gatherings with close family and friends?  Or, does it all depend on what birthday it is – milestone, golden birthday, etc.?  We would love your feedback!!!  We do all of the above, but at different ages!!!  This year, we’ll have a low-key celebration with our daughter, but next year…25…one never knows what we’ll have planned for her ?

Have an Amazing Day!!!