March Is Here…

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Good morning!!!

March Madness has begun!!!  I love it!!!  March is a great month for us because it’s both of our kids’ birthdays!  To some, that would mean a lot of expense.  To us, we celebrate the fact that our kids are happy and healthy!  Of course, this always comes with a price-tag, but we try to explain to our almost 13-year-old that having a pair of sneakers that costs more than our cable bill just isn’t realistic!!!

Our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2014.  It was an extremely scary time for us, as we didn’t know how well she would respond to chemo, if there would be additional treatments involved, emotionally cancer just makes you numb – makes you feel like you’re screaming at the top of your lungs, but nothing is coming out of your mouth…scary, surreal, sucks – all of the above!!!  She went into remission and completed her last chemo treatment on October 31, 2014 vente de viagra en suisse.  We had a huge Halloween party, with up-lighting and music (of course) and made a promise to enjoy life, not take anything for granted and love each other as best as we can!!!  Not that we don’t wake up every “normal” day and say these things, but this was a life-changer, and made us re-evaluate just how much we really do take things for granted!!!

So, back to March birthdays!!!  Both of our kids celebrate their birthdays in March, so it’s an extremely important month to us because it reminds us of the lives that we have here to take care of , cherish and never take for granted!!!  So, to all of you – my blog-followers – who have a birthday in March, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and a healthy and meaningful year!!!

Have an Amazing Day!!!