Here’sssssss Spencer!

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I’ve mentioned Spencer’s name in a couple of my blogs.  You have to understand, as I’ve also mentioned, our disc jockeys are our family.  We invite them to our parties, include them in our celebrations, we cry with them, laugh with them.  Our disc jockeys have our backs, as we have theirs as well!  Spencer is highly requested because he has a natural energy about him.  He is truly an entertainer, in all aspects of the word.  From the first meeting with Spencer, most brides are already asking for a contract, so that they can secure their date with him.  This blog isn’t written to sell you on our company or on Spencer.  But, it is written to make you aware of what Dance To The Music brings to the table when it comes to entertainment and Why you should read this blog and Why you should hire us for your wedding or event.  The “why” is sometimes hard to answer, because there is a preference or a “vision” that most clients have, even before they begin their quest for their “perfect” entertainment.  But, in spite of this, DTTM makes it a point to listen to our clients first.  When we meet with you, you tell us what you are picturing, and we take a mental note of everything you are saying to us.  Therefore, we can help bring your vision to life!  Just take a look at this picture – a picture is worth a thousand words – this one speaks volumes!!!

Have an Amazing Day!!!  Talk tomorrow…