Does anyone get sick???

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Good morning!!!  I missed writing this Blog for the past few days!!!  We had our son’s birthday on March 11th, and BAM – hit me like a ton of bricks!!! I woke up the next day, and literally, I started to feel it coming on – aches, pains, headache, throat, cough, everything that pushes you to curl up on the couch and throw the blanket over your head!!!  And, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 3 days, despite two trips to the doctor and prescription pick-up at Walgreens!!!

This morning, I’m feeling better…not 100%, but better!  I hope all of you are feeling well!  I thought about is yesterday as I listened to my husband make his calls to brides and grooms and schedule their pre-wedding meetings that this is the type of business where sickness is not an option.  We have been fortunate in that our disc jockeys work through everything and anything to make sure that they are at their jobs.  If a contract is signed with a specific disc jockey, that disc jockey will be there!

That is why it’s important for us that we have people visit our Bridal Shows, our Kids Events and our Website – these things tell the tale of who we are!  It doesn’t have to be just a wedding.  If you’re having a Sweet 16 or a Communion party, you would want the perfect fit for a disc jockey and entertainer, right?  You wouldn’t want one of our “older” disc jockeys to show up at 6 year old birthday party, just as you wouldn’t want a “younger” disc jockey showing up at a 50th anniversary, if your music choices are Frank Sinatra, etc.  This isn’t because of their lack of experience, but mainly because music is what it is, and some disc jockeys are more experienced in some eras of music than others.  This is one of the things that puts Dance To The Music Entertainment above the rest.  Because we take the time to figure out who is the best match for certain parties and events.  Weddings are usually specific – people know who they want at their weddings based on them seeing us at a previous wedding, etc.  But, we also take pride in knowing our disc jockeys, knowing our music, and getting to know you and what you are looking for!!!

I hope everyone stays “healthy” in these last few weeks of winter…and, I will definitely be back tomorrow!!!  Happy to be back…and off the couch!!!

Have an Amazing Day!!!