Do you watch HGTV?

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Forget the Housewives or the Kardashians… I am a huge HGTV viewer!!!  I love watching the newest trends in home renovations, and I always say that in this lifetime, I’m going to “flip a house”!  It’s a vision I’ve had for years, and I think it’s as easy as they make it look – I’m probably wrong about that!

But anyway, a lot of trends on HGTV are really new and untried in a lot of parts of the U.S.  Tiny Homes – well, there’s the best idea ever, if you can live in 600 square feet of space with your significant other and/or kids!!!  But, the cost is minimal, which probably allows Moms to stay at home with their children, and Dads don’t have to work twenty-four hours a day to make ends meet.  Property tax must be minimal, because you’re actually living on a “moveable” surface, and that’s the beauty of it – you can pack up and move whenever you feel it’s time!!!  Grandma Pods – another genius idea of not facing the high-cost of assisted living for your parent or parents.  Just convert a shed into a “Grandma Pod”, and you have a space for your parents, on your property, but not in YOUR space!  Just a couple of trends that I’m following.

My question to anyone reading this Blog is what are today’s Bridal Trends?  We’ve seen uplighting become a huge addition to make wedding venues even more beautiful, and the Photo Booth really took off with weddings, parties and events, but what other trends are you, as Brides and Grooms, finding that are becoming today’s “thing to have” or “thing to do”!!!  We want to know!!!

Have a Super Saturday!!!  Talk tomorrow…