Coming to understand exactly what Couples want!

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading…A LOT of reading!!!  Not books…I’ve been doing a lot of in-house reading.  You see, we receive several Thank You notes every week!  Most of them are from brides and grooms.  And, I take the time to read each Thank You note and really get in touch with what that bride and groom liked about our performance and entertainment at their wedding reception.  I’m beginning to understand exactly what brides and grooms want for their weddings.  First, they want a company who will take the time to LISTEN to them.  Talking before hearing is never a good idea, especially when the person talking has the vision of what he/she wants!  Second, today’s brides and grooms want their wedding personalized – meaning, they want it to reflect who and what they are all about.  This is done through music choices, lighting colors, decor and whether or not they want interaction from our disc jockeys are just background music.  Last, but not least, today’s couples LOVE an entertainer who makes the biggest and best first impression.  As soon as a disc jockey and a couple meet, they will “click” (yes, you will hear an actual “click” sound), and at that moment, they form a relationship, a work-together relationship, to ensure that the bride and groom’s vision for their special day is carried out.  The disc jockey becomes the plan executor, and it is our job to see that every detail, especially those smaller details that make a large impact, are done just so.

Based on the Thank You notes that we receive, I can honestly say that we have done a really efficient job in “executing” the wishes of our clients.  Thank you to everyone who has put their trust in us, and has taken the time to write to us and let us know how we exceeded your expectations!!!  It truly means a lot!

Have an Amazing Day!!!