Balancing DJ Life & Home Life

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I know, I know…I’m getting the hang of writing a Blog. I realize that it is something that should be updated daily. Believe me, I am getting on track with this, because I enjoy writing this Blog and watching the number of viewers of this website increase!!!  I want our readers to know that being self-employed is a wonderful opportunity, and being in the entertainment field is comparable to doing something you love so much, that it never really feels like work – more like a passion!

I recently mentioned a couple who had to move their wedding date up quite a bit because the bride’s Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she wanted to insure that her Mom would be able to attend her wedding day!

Here is the post that the bride wrote about Jimmy & Spencer:

“With 3 weeks to plan a wedding, Jimmy and Spencer were by far the best! Spencer made our special day so amazing! From being so attentive and learning about us to being a TRUE entertainer, Spencer made our wedding day so much fun! No matter who we talk to from our wedding, they comment on how AMAZING our DJ was. Spencer was not just a DJ, he was a singer, comedian and a man with such a HUGE heart.  Spencer, thank you, thank you for making our day so special and memorable.”

Reading this gives me one feeling – PROUD!!!  I am so proud to be a part of this amazing company, who has the talent, professionalism and gift of making others happy!!!  I read somewhere that if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life!  I believe that our company is the perfect example of this saying!!!

Continue to check in on this Blog…we are going to incorporate contests to all of our clients!

Have an Amazing Day!!!