A day in the life…

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I read other Blogs all of the time…and I often wondered why the storyline changes so often.  I always thought if I were to write a Blog, that I would keep mine consistent.  Well, now that I’m writing one, I can see why the numerous shifts in subjects.  Life happens!  It’s as simple as that.  One day, your thought process can be a To-Do List, and checking each item off as you go alone, and the next day, a turn of events can take your To-Do List and put it on the back-burner.  I am one who likes to go down a list of things to accomplish, and feel that feeling of satisfaction as I finish each project…but, again, Life happens!  It doesn’t always work out in an organized manner.

We recently had a bride and groom come to us with an unusual request.  Their wedding date had to be moved because the bride’s Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she wanted to make sure that her Mom would be at her wedding.  The move in her date was not within a year, it was within a couple of months.  We met with her and had to work hard to make sure that this wedding was perfect, and we had about 3 weeks to do so.  The end result of this wedding – a beautifully written email from our bride and groom, thanking us over and over again for making their day exactly what they envisioned, and being able to move the date up so that her Mom could be there to enjoy their wedding day with them.  It’s feedback like this that makes us not only better at what we do, but gives us a huge feeling of accomplishment, as we know what it is like to have someone you love be diagnosed with cancer, and we know how it feels to want to share every moment, every milestone, with your loved ones.  You see, we may be entertainers at weddings, parties, events, even bars, but we are also human beings, like you.  We know that Life happens, and sometimes, it’s good things that happen, but sometimes, it’s not good.  And, plans sometimes have to be altered to fit different circumstances.  We get it!  So, we will always make sure to work with every single client, and make sure that they are happy and satisfied with us and the end results, whether it be a wedding, party, event, etc.

Until the next time…Have an Amazing Day!